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CnE Global Sdn Bhd is a professional overseas marketing company in Malaysia. We specialize in providing our services to Korean SMEs. Our role is to promote trade between South Korea and ASEAN countries.

We work closely with various government agencies and associations, to promote industries such as food, beauty, green energy, cyber security, construction material, factory automation etc.

For both importers and exporters, finding a reliable business partner is a vital matter. As an overseas marketing company, we help both the importers and exporters to communicate and build their relationship, for their mutual benefit.

Our team is specialized in organizing intensive business matching. We have a strong reputation among both the importers and exporters, since our matching services benefit both parties. We also extend our service scope to social media marketing as it has become the most effective marketing method.

We also provide our services to other countries who would like to enter Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. We are also the registered expert at Switzerland Global Enterprise.

CnE Global will be your best global business partner for overseas marketing.

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